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Hey Kitemando!   by    John G.
Loved the wee kite. Thanks for thinking of me. The D of T here is a kite fanatic, and so is her 2 year old daughter. I think this will be about the perfect size for the daughter. Brilliant! -–John G.

Hello Kite Genius   by    Galiel K.
I once bought a bunch of Mighty Kites from you at the Cube at Astor Place. Now you're not there anymore (neither is the Cube!) and I'm in need of a few more kites. Do you sell them downtown on the street anywhere these days? Galiel K.

Great for Blood Pressure   by    Howard W.
Hey, I bought a Mighty Kite today, flew it once and now my blood pressure is all gone….err, just the high part. The good part of my blood pressure is still here. Thank you Mighty Kite. It's a nice kite, isn't it? I think so. So what's the wholesale price, huh? I want to sell it to local schools and to kids in the park. Shucks it will sell to big people in the park too. Howard W.

Thank You Mighty Kite   by    Kim H.
We purchased 3 of your mini Mighty Kites on Coney Island, NY, last summer and love them! Where can we buy more—Lots more—enough for a Cub Scout pack?

Mighty Kite is #1 Kite of the Month   by    Linda
Hi.. we sell your kites – in fact, they are our item of the month this month: Joie De Vivre 1792 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140 647-864-8188. www.joiedevivre.net Handpicked by our expert Joleologists! August 2009 – The Mighty Kite The Mighty Kite – This month we we're doing something different – choosing an item nominated by a non-resident Joleologist. Since that person is Peter Ross, of the amazing Suitcase of Wonder miniature theatre, we think he is eminently qualified to pick our item. His choice: Mighty Kite. He wrote us: "I've been flying these for years, ever since I ran into the inventor selling them on the streets of New York City. They're great for flying just about anywhere. A little bit of wind is all they need. I've flown them walking down the street or on a path in a park. I even tested the inventor's claim and flew one on a subway platform. They are delicate but strong once in the air. The key is to handle it like a real kite, because it is one." We'll add that we first encountered them at the New York Toy Fair where we noticed one flying down an aisle. We followed it, and at the end of its string was the maker, who calls himself Kitemando. We ordered some for Joie de Vivre, and have been selling them ever since. Perfect for a summer day at the beach or park… or backyard, rooftop – but, if you just can't get outside, fly it in the office! Linda

Hello from Governors Island Alliance   by    Liz C.
Hi Ricardo, We met the other day in Union Square – I am the girl who bought a kite and told you I work with the Governors Island Alliance. We had a free kite festival last year, but we did not have the funding to do it this year. We do however have a kite exhibit on the island. It is a series of colorful posters depicting the history, evolution and all different forms of kites over the years. I am curious to know how the wholesale of your kites works – we may be interested in selling them to the children at our book reading, as well as the rest of the summer. Governors Island has been fairly focused on children's activities, including kite flying. Let me know what you think. And the Mighty Kite works great by the way! I flew it at Coney Island last night! Thanks Liz C. NOTE: Governors Island Alliance is a non-profit advocacy organization working to promote the awaremenss of the island, to ensure the free public park gets built, and that the historic section of the north side of the island is appropriately preserved. Our Website is : www.governorsislandalliance.org

These Little Kites are AMAZING!   by    Janet S.
I wanted to say that I bought 5 of these from a girl at a street fair 2 years ago in Half Moon Bay, CA and I have had such fun giving them as gifts and flying it!!!! Every time I fly it someone asks me where I got it, people are so intrigued by how little it is and how easily it flies! I LOVE these kites, so please pass this along to whoever might be interested! Also they fit so easily inside a greeting card they are great to send to people or give as a gift to someone who you might not ordinarily give a gift to because they are just something inexpensive and little (literally). Last weekend I took my 3 1/2 year old niece to 3 different museums trying to entertain her and have some fun---everything was too much for her and after $80 in admission fees and tromping all over Philadelphia to the museums, stroller in tow, etc. I remembered I had my Mighty Kite in my purse (I never leave home without it). I walked across the street to the park and brought out the kite, she ran around for an hour giggling and having a ball with the kite, everyone walking through the park was fascinated with it and her—and all this for free/(or I guess you could say $5, but I can hardly count that, as I certainly have way more than already gotten my moneys worth for the kite!)This kite is really happiness made from tissue paper! Who knew? Also, I will add that I am now ordering more (20 more), as I have been fearful of mine ripping to shreds as it is a bit delicate and I don't want to be without my kite—but I have had this (one) and flown it for years at least 50 times and it is still in perfect condition! Thanks! Janet S.

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