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Weeeeeeeeeee....... Kities.......   by    Anonymous
Got em! Flew em! Smiled the whole time. We (me and my 10 year old boy) kept saying, "They're mini, but they're mighty!" Well worth the wait.

Fun Instructions   by    Anonymous
Finally got mine yesterday. I have them proudly displayed on the coffee table... and go figure, yesterday's and this weekend's forecast is supposed to be cold, windy, and rainy. I like the sarcastic instructions for the kites also. Whoever designed the package and wrote the instructions for these kites must have been tripping on something.

Party Packs   by    Anonymous
See the Mighty Kite in action at http://www.mightykites.com/ They're sold in "party packs", and a pack of 4 is $19 plus shipping. Excellent if, like me, your amusement comes from tiny colorful objects that fly. Now I just need a mighty wind.

Love the Mighty Kite   by    Anonymous
Got my 3 mini-kites! Love it. Work surprisingly well. I hope to get 3 more someday.

Cute Little Kites!   by    Steve
Cute Little Kites! Kites showed up today! They're cute little kites! Steve

They're here!   by    Anonymous
They're here! They're here! We love them! Me and the kitty cats! Took one outside, had at least eight kitty cats trying to catch a kite tail! Woohoo! Need video! Oh, honey......

Fun for Kids as young as 3!   by    Anonymous
My 3 kites arrived on Saturday and I live just outside of Houston. These things really are tiny, and I was skeptical when I opened the first one and discovered the whole thing is fragile tissue paper. However, unrolling the string (more like sewing thread, really) in a slight breeze brought a huge smile to my 3 year old son's face. He loved flying his own tiny kite. Until his little sister took a swipe at it, pulling one tail off and ripping the kite. Good thing I bought 3 of them! Enjoy your tiny kites.

Cutie Pie   by    Randy B.
Charmel, Thank you for taking the time to fly a Mighty Kite with Elise. She is still talking about how much she enjoyed it. Thank you again, Randy B. & Family Dear Randy, You are totally welcome. Elise is a sweetheart, I only wish she had stayed longer to have more fun. What a wonderful picture! Is it ok if I put it on our website? I will send you a Mighty Kite, just for her. All the Best, Charmel Charmel, Yes you may, and thank you again. If you would like to send Elise a kite, I am sure she would thoroughly enjoy it. But please allow me to pay for it. Thank you again for what turned out to be the highlight of our trip for Elise. Sincerely, Randy B. (see picture of cutie pie on our photos page)

Forget Your Cares With Mighty Kite   by    Stuart F.
Dear Richardo, It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning regarding the kites. I want to thank you again for the look on my son's face when he was flying your kite earlier this week. All of his cares had left him, and that means the world to me. I have enclosed a check to cover the cost for 50 kites and the shipping. Please let me know if shipping was more expensive and I will cover the difference. I look forward to having an opportunity to meet you on one of my next trips to the City. Until them, keep putting kites into the hands of the people! Best regards, Stuart F.

Learn From Kitemando   by    Class 8/755
Dear Mr. Kitemando, We would like to thank you for coming over yesterday to tell us about your job as an artist. We learned so much insight from your experiences and expertise. Next year, we would like to hear about your book. Also, please tell us more about your creative work. Thank you very much. Sincerely Yours, Class 8/755 – Monique, Aneled, Antoine, Franklin, Wayne, Gillian, Jesus, David, Marian, Ismeal, Ulloa, Belinda, Michael, D., Michael C, Tim, Luis, Alicia and the Teacher

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