Mighty Kites - The Best City Kite in the World

The Onion's review of Kitemando's wonderful Mighty Kite (the best pocket kite around) Here is a picture of Kitemando (the invetor of the wonderful Mighty Kite - the best city kite and pocket kite line in the world.)

Ricardo -aka Kitemando - is the creative force and imagination behind Mighty Kite and the MKCC.

His background is engineering, commercial and fine arts and education. His most recent artistic creation is the concept of "Flying Art" or "The Art of Flying" in the form of the Mighty Kite.

He currently resides in New York and is High Mucky Muck of Mighty Kite.

The Mighty Kite Crusader Club was created to promote individual, family and group values and fun.

Here is a picture of Ricardo Pascual, aka Kitemando; the inventor of the Mighty Kite line (the best city kite in the world)

The Mighty Kite Crusader Club was established in May 2001 in response to consumer demand for the Mighty Kite (MK).

The Mighty Kite is hand made, environmental friendly and easy to use.

From inception, the Mighty Kite has generated excitement and demand from the public who have experienced the pleasure of the kite in flight. To date over 100,000 Mighty Kites have been sold to enthusiastic customers in all 50 states of the US and 50 countries around the world.

"Having fun" with an easy to use product was the basic concept for the development of the Mighty Kite. "Go Fly a Kite - Nothing More Relaxing and Exhilarating than Kite Flying!"

Mighty Kite is the only mass produced, pocket size kite on the market that can be flown easily by individuals from ages 4 to 94.

Mighty Kites will not break when flying, and have been tested in winds of up to 45 mph (how's that for a city kite!). If for some reason they are torn due to mishandling or catch on something they are easy to repair (see instructions). If you are not able to repair it yourself you can send your Mighty Kite back to us (see address) and the "Kite Doctor" will take your Mighty Kite into "Kite Surgery", and return it to you for more high kite flying fun!

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